MYSTERY of the DEEP WOODS: written by Patty F. Cooper ( October 18,1946- November 18, 2019)

I love to stand at the back door and look down toward the creek.  Cleaned out now of poison ivy, hopefully, gone forever.  I love to look into the dark wood toward the cliff where trees are always falling always changing the nature of the water flow.

I hear sounds from the dark wood straining to see yet not seeing the creatures making the sounds previously unknown and unheard by me.  Still unknown.  Who or what is there?  It is easy to determine birds, but what of the other creatures?  Usually early when the day is still deep grey.
What of those sounds and the mystery from the deep wood even as the water sounds come to my ears?  I love the dark wood and the secrets it holds.  The thoughts of maybe never knowing what lurks there even though I long to know.

It makes me feel small and uneducated of sounds and things hidden from sight.  I am glad, however, to know that there are still so many things that I do not know, because that makes me want to continue to live to perhaps unwrap just some of the awaiting gifts.
© Patty F. Cooper, September 12, 2014 ,Elizabethton, Tennessee 
All Rights Reserved